Wiggleproof Back Carry

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carry Wiggleproof Back Carry
abbreviation WP
type Back Carry
pass types used Ruck Pass, Wiggleproof Pass
size Base Size Plus 1
finish variations
number of shoulders 2
type of wrap Woven Wrap
good for Straighteners, Leaners, Toddlers and Support

Carry Recipe

Wiggleproof Back Carry – Base Size Plus 1Ruck Pass + 2 Wiggleproof Passes

Off center Ruck Pass over baby on back
Under arm and under baby’s leg and up for a Wiggleproof Pass
Repeat on other side
TUB or Reinforcing Leg Passes to TIF

Links to photo tutorials

Photo tutorial for Wiggle Proof Back Carry by kiwimum at TBW

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Links to tutorials (accessibility not yet evaluated)

Wiggle-Proof Back Carry by CosyBabyHappyMommy
Wiggle proof, 3 tie offs by Brianna Borntobeworn
Wiggleproof back carry with twisted chest pass by Leah Greer-Pinzaru
Reverse Wiggle Proof Back Carry by Amy Earnshaw with torso pass, shoulder flips, 2 cross passes