Wendy's Double Hammock

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carry Wendy's Double Hammock
abbreviation WDH
type Back Carry
pass types used Traditional Sling Pass, Reinforcing Pass, Cross Pass
size Base Size Minus 1
finish variations
number of shoulders 2
level Advanced
type of wrap Woven Wrap
characteristics Shoulder Flip
good for Straighteners, Leaners, Toddlers and Support

Carry Recipe

Wendy’s Double Hammock – Base Size Minus 1Traditional Sling Pass + Reinforcing Pass + Cross Pass

  • Off center Traditional Sling Pass over baby on back with short tail to hip over shoulder
  • Spread chest pass and across baby and under leg for a Reinforced Pass
  • Shoulder flip and across for a Cross Pass
  • TAS/ CCCB/ Knotless

Links to photo tutorials

Photo tutorial for Original My NEW favorite carry... DH/Chunei tied at the shoulder! (Dubbed WDH) by momto4girls on TBW

Links to silent tutorials

Links to captioned tutorials

Links to tutorials (accessibility not yet evaluated)

Wendy's Double Hammock with a knotless/buleria finish by BabywearingFaith
Double Hammock/ Chunei back carry variation by SquishyMommy1
Wendy's Double Hammock (WDH) carry with a candy cane chest belt by Drew Joseph
Wendy's Double Hammock with no shoulder flip by Wriggler Support Channel