Traditional Sling Carry

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carry Traditional Sling Carry
type Front Carry, Hip Carry
pass types used Traditional Sling Pass
size Base Size Minus 5
finish variations
number of shoulders 1
type of wrap Woven Wrap
characteristics Poppable
good for Leaners, Nursing, Sleep Transfer, Heat, Newborns

Carry Recipe

Traditional Sling Carry – Base Minus 5 – Traditional Sling Pass

  • Traditional Sling Pass over baby (Or pre-tie, then insert baby)
  • TAS with a Slip Knot or Double Knot (if using a double knot, knot can be slid to wearer's back before placing baby in carry

Links to photo tutorials

TRADITIONAL SLING CARRY (formerly known as Rebozo) by Brittany Marsh
My Crazy Long Rebozo Hip Carry Pic Tutorial by GoshyMama on TBW

Links to silent tutorials

Cómo cargar a un bebé con un rebozo tradicional by Portabebés Myma (Uses double knot. Music plays, but there is no speaking.)

Links to captioned tutorials

Rebozo Front or Hip Carry with slipknot by WrappingRachel

Links to tutorials (accessibility not yet evaluated)

Rebozo carry with a newborn by BabywearingFaith
Rebozo Carry with Slipknot by Cate Linden
Rebozo hip carry by Vicky Galvin
Rebozo carry by Minaku3869