Reinforced Kangaroo

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carry Reinforced Kangaroo
pass types used Kangaroo Pass, Reinforcing Pass
size Base Size
finish variations
number of shoulders 2
type of wrap Woven Wrap
characteristics Shoulder Flip optional
good for Leaners, Nursing, Sleep Transfer, Heat, Newborns

Carry Recipe

Reinforced Kangaroo – Base Size – Kangaroo Pass + 2 Reinforcing Passes

  • Kangaroo Pass over baby
  • Flip Shoulders
  • Cross in Back
  • Reinforcing Passes, spread or bunched
  • Tie in Back

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Reinforced Kangaroo Carry by SquishyMommy1
Kangaroo carry with a woven wrap with shoulder flip and reinforced by kmgourley
Kangaroo Carry Reinforced by Tandem Trouble