Mermaid Carry

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carry Mermaid Carry
type back carry
pass types used Torso Pass, Traditional Sling Pass
size Base Size
finish variations
number of shoulders 2
type of wrap Woven Wrap
characteristics Uses Rings
good for Leaners, Toddlers and Support

Carry Recipe

Mermaid Carry – Base SizeTorso Pass + 2 Traditional Sling Passes

  • Torso Pass across baby on back
  • Loop both tails through one ring at the center of your chest
  • Bring one tail back under arm and across baby for a Traditional Sling Pass
  • Repeat on the other side and TUB

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Mermaid carry by Kailey Preece
Mermaid by Vicky Galvin
Mermaid Carry by crochetjunkie6
Mermaid carry 2.0 by Kailey Preece