Knotless Ruck

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type Back Carry
pass types used Ruck Pass, Bunched Torso Pass
size Base Size Minus 3
finish variations
number of shoulders 2
level Advanced
type of wrap Woven Wrap
good for Leaners, Heat

Carry Recipe

Knotless Ruck – Base Size Minus 3Ruck Pass + Bunched Torso Pass

Off center Ruck Pass over baby on back
Long tail goes under arm and bunched Torso pass over baby’s legs
Tie half knot at shoulder and bunched across chest to tie half knot at other shoulder

Links to photo tutorials

Links to silent tutorials

Knotless Ruck with sz 2 woven wrap and a large toddler, silent with sandwiching shoulders shown by Sheffield Sling Surgery

Links to captioned tutorials

Links to tutorials (accessibility not yet evaluated)

Knotless ruck by denim mei tai
Ruck back carry with knotless finish by Gypsy Primrose
Knotless Ruck Tutorial by Okapi Keeper