Hip Reinforced Torso Sling

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carry Hip Reinforced Torso Sling
abbreviation HRTS
type Hip Carry
pass types used Traditional Sling Pass, Torso Pass
size Base Size Minus 3
finish variations
number of shoulders 1
type of wrap Woven Wrap
characteristics Poppable
good for Leaners, Toddlers and Support

Carry Recipe

Hip Reinforced Torso Sling – Base Size Minus 3Torso Pass + Traditional Sling Pass

  • Short tail over one shoulder and wrap diagonal across back
  • Long tail under arm, around belly, across back, and under arm for Torso Pass
  • Tie slip knot for Traditional Sling Pass
  • Slide baby into inside pocket and spread both passes
  • Tighten as needed

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Front/Hip Reinforced Torso Rebozo by MyFluffBaby
Reinforced rebozo hip carry with slip knot by morganbean143