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Front Carries Good for Nursing

Front Cross Carry
Front Rebozo
Front Reinforced Torso Rebozo
Front Wrap Cross Carry
Half Front Wrap Cross Carry
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
Reinforced Kangaroo
Short Cross Carry
Short Cross Carry with Ring

Hip Carries Good for Nursing

Hip Rebozo
No-Sew Ring Sling
Reverse Coolest Hip Cross Carry
Robin's Hip Carry
Robin's Hip Carry with Ring

Back Carries Good for Nursing

Double Hammock Rebozo

Links to Tutorials

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Nursing upright and cradle in Front Cross Carry by BabywearingFaith Front Cross Carry & Nursing discretely by WrappingRachel Nursing hands-free in a FCC by WrapYourBaby


Nursing in FWCC cradle by denim mei tai Nursing a newborn upright in FWCC by tooralei How to Nurse in a cradle position in FWCC by Giselle Baturay Nursing a toddler in FWCC by dandp06 Semi-Front Wrap Cross Carry (Semi-FWCC) and how to nurse discreetly by WrappingRachel Half Front Wrap Cross Carry with tips for nursing discretely by WrappingRachel


Nursing a newborn in a stretchy wrap in PWCC by tooralei How To Breastfeed in Moby Wrap in PWCC by asobisport

Other Front Carries

nursing in kangaroo carry by denim mei tai Front reinforced torso rebozo (FRTR) with newborn by denim mei tai

Hip and Back Carries

Nursing Hip Cross Cradle by WrapYourBaby Adjustable Hip Carry (Robin's) and breastfeeding by slingababy Poppins Hip Carry by Paxmommy Jillian Coolest Hip Cross Carry CHCC by BWISEPA Reverse Coolest Hip Cross Carry by WrappingRachel Nursing in a back carry Double Hammock Rebozo by cheryl kindred

Other Videos

Babywearing in stretchy wraps & Tandem Breastfeeding Twins by asobisport

Photos & Tips

Photo tutorial on nursing in a stretchy wrap by metro minis Photo tutorial on Rebozo & FWCC, Nursing While Babywearing Series: Nursing in a Wrap by Babywearing 102 Photo thread of breastfeeding in wraps on TBW Tips and Tricks for Breastfeeding While Babywearing by BWI Southern Maryland Nursing in a back carry by GoGoGirl on TBW Part 1 and Part 2 Babywearing and Breastfeeding by Super Awesome Babywearing Collective Nursing your Newborn in a Wrap by Nurse In Public Nursing a Baby in a Stretchy Wrap by Nurse In Public