Front Double Hammock

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carry Front Double Hammock
abbreviation FDH
type Front Carry
pass types used Traditional Sling Pass
size Base Size
finish variations TUB, Knotless
number of shoulders 2
type of wrap Woven Wrap
good for Leaners

Carry Recipe

Front Double Hammock – Base Size – 2 Traditional Sling Passes

  • Spread wrap across back and bring under arms
  • Two Traditional Sling Passes in front
  • Flip shoulders by bringing outside rail to the inside
  • Cross in Back
  • Can bring tails over traditional sling passes at hips, under and up for knotless
  • Place baby in both traditional sling passes (Can TUB if not doing knotless)

Links to photo tutorials

Photo Tutorial labeled Front Carry by Ellevill

Links to silent tutorials

Double hammock front carry by aporteedebisousvideo silent, in slow motion

Links to captioned tutorials

Front Double Hammock (pre-tied) by Wrapping My Heart

Links to other tutorials

Front double hammock (FDH) by denim mei tai
Front Double Hammock by MyFluffBaby Front Double Hammock with twisted finish Ally Gillotte, knotless finish
jeportemonbebe in a stretchy wrap (no narration; most wording in French)